Nevada City Montana Cemetery Project

The Extreme History Project along with Project Archaeology are working towards creating a plat map for the Nevada City Montana Cemetery as well as an online resource that can be accessed and updated as the need arises.  Below is a picture of part of the team that is helping to make this possible.

Extreme History Nevada City

From left to right:  Bekah Shields, Marsha Fulton, Tessa Switzer, Elaine Hale, Leslie Crismond, John Olson

In the spring of 2014, The Extreme History Project was made aware by Jeff MacDonald and Riley Auge about a project they were spearheading locating the Hebrew Cemetery in Virginia City, Montana. Later that summer, The Extreme History Project teamed up with Project Archaeology for a week-long teacher’s workshop in Virginia City. Project Archaeology offers workshops to help teachers implement their archaeology-based curriculum in the K-12 classroom. The workshops often offer some field experience component to the teachers and in Montana, Project Archaeology often works with Extreme History to create the fieldwork component.

After consulting with Jeff, Riley and some others associated with the Hebrew cemetery project, it was learned that the nearby Nevada City historic cemetery was in need of mapping and documenting. This, then, became the foundation of the fieldwork offered for the 2014 Project Archaeology Teacher’s workshop.