National Geographic’s “Nazi War Diggers” hits a new low desecrating human graves.

Posted: March 26, 2014 by extremehistory in Uncategorized
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Rupert Murdoch owned Natgeo’s “Nazi War Diggers” has taken the once respected National Geographic brand to an all-time low. In a clip from the show, these grave desecrators dig up human remains and manhandle the bones of a World war II soldier at a battle site. I wonder how they would feel if that was their grandfather’s remains that some other frauds posing as archaeologists were toying with. Its time we all put an end to these outrageous “Diggers” shows!

(I was going to put the link here, but I am too disgusted to allow that filth on my website. If you want to watch it, google Nazi War Diggers and click on videos.)

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