The Fort Parker Oral Histories Project

Posted: April 2, 2012 by extremehistory in Uncategorized

We had such a wonderful weekend talking to and filming Fort Parker descendants with Adam Sings in the Timber! Everyone was so generous with their time and stories. We came home with 7+ hours of footage and recordings filled with gems of stories and information that we have not come across before. Big thanks to our interviewees, Marvin Stewart, Gran…t Bulltail, Stan Stevens, Walter Pease and Mardell Plainfeather! Thanks also to Terri and Chuck Blackburn, Tim Bernardis, Tim McCleary and Kevin Kooistra for your help and assistance! Finally, a huge thank you to Steve Platt and the Montana Department of Transportation for funding the project. We hope to continue this project, so if you know of any other folks who have stories to tell, please let us know!

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