“Diggers: Montana Juice” episode broke State law, Montana SHPO says

Posted: March 9, 2012 by extremehistory in Uncategorized
  1. Bill Anderson MT ASCP says:

    I believe the “artifacts” found were shown to the site manager and some were donated to the site museum for display? (Of course, the items found were not of museum quality or value).

    • I have to take issue with the quotations around the word artifacts. All materials taken from the ground are artifacts whether they have any “value” or not. l also take issue with your assessment of “museum quality” and “value”. Archaeologists are not interested in these terms. The value to history is the information each artifact brings, whether its a non-distinct glass sherd or the Great Pyramid at Giza. Each has equal value in the eyes of history. They are excavating the remains of the Sobibor concentration camp in Poland to learn more about the Nazi’s activities there. Do the teeth and trinkets found there which give voice to people who experienced unspeakable horrors have any less “value” than some stone tool that you can sell on the market place? Monetary value is relative, intrinsic value is permanent.

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